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Partnering with Suppliers, Project Developers, Multi-Donor Funders and top consulting firms in the Renewable Energy, Waste conversion and water desalination markets, we begin to understand the challenges in Africa and how to overcome these challenges by providing in-country support in professional services, new disruptive technologies, monitoring & management of solutions, implementing our best practice service desks to ensure clients services are operational and delivering 24x7.

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Our range of services start from understanding your challenges through to operating your solution. An end-to-end approach, based on using international best standards from conceptualisation/feasibility through to project delivery and eventually to service operations and last but not least, monitoring and management of the technology and service it delivers to ensure high serviceability and support.

There are certain key fundamental requirements before we give the green light to go ahead. The project must be sustainable and feasible and support our and our partners ABC Strategy - first, we work with our partners the Project Developers to identify and negotiate an agreement with an Anchor load client (often in agro-processing) to ensure sustainability; then we identify, or help develop, small local Businesses; and only last do we target domestic Consumers, who are often the supporting workers in the Anchor or Business clients.

To understand if the project is sustainable & feasible we follow the basic but fundamentally important steps;

Discovery Phase
  • Understanding and Analysing Client Requirements to see if project is feasible

Feasibility Phase
  • Selection of Best Technology for Green Energy Solutions
  • Project Scoping
  • Identify Candidate Sites
  • Fund Sourcing & Management
  • Engineering Requirements
  • Construction of Plant Requirements

Delivery/Build Phase
  • Start-up & Training
  • Project Management

Operate & Monitor Phase
  • Plant Operations
  • End-to-End Quality Management (Assurance)
Besides the traditional product support services Waste2Energy Global with its sister company Bluestone Service Group offers business support consulting specialising in Business Process optimisation, Service Management and Program/Project Management Services.

These services are designed to help startup business implement key business processes, ensure the business services optimally delivered and on time.