Waste2Energy Global was established to solve the critical issues facing Africa, such as of affordable energy, clean drinking water and converting waste into energy or fuels. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We partner with credible organization and provide a disrupting broad range of solutions and services to help business, communities & government in Africa facilitate positive change and achieve their vision.
All our product require Energy (electricity) to work and our magnetic electricity generator is an enabler for the rest of our technologies. The magnetic electricity generator is produced in sizes from 5kW to 5MW and is delivered in a in a 20ft/40ft container that is monitored and manage remotely via satellite communications, which can support very remote communities, that can be grid connected or off the grid, and is designed to support small to large business whether industrial or agro-processing (farms).

The magnetic electricity generator enables the critical other types of disrupting technologies like water from air, portable desalination plants also that convert waste water to drinkable potable water for the communities and waste plastic to fuel (500ppm diesel type fuel). Both the desalination & plastics to fuel delivered are containerised.

Can you imagine if you could provide a remote small business anchor client (like a agro-processing business) with a low cost renewable energy solution from 5kW to 5MW, which is delivered in a 20ft/40ft container that is monitored and manage remotely via satellite communications and also provides;
  • Using excess (off-peak) electricity at night for a water from air solution, yes drinkable water or a desalination plant in a container to convert waste water for agricultural or drinkable/potable water for the local community.
    Using excess satellite bandwidth for a wireless local area network (LAN) to provide internet access to anchor client, surrounding businesses and local community.
    Cloud based business services to manage businesses.
all connected to a mini-grid in a sustainable way.
Combined solution with Magnetic Energy Generator powering a Water from Air or Water Desalination plant and Refrigeration plants in remote rural agro areas.
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Standard MTG Rotor
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Electricity delivered at $0.08c per kWh

We use disruptive magnetic energy technologies to bring energy to the communities at lowest cost ever.
The magnetic electricity generator uses neodymium magnets and bifilar coils to generate electricity.
As a magnet starts approaching a coil, at a certain point the voltage of the coil increases along with the amount of charge it can transfer. Once the switching regulator detects the maximum voltage of the coil, it switches off the coil. The magnetic field of the coil that has been formed after excitation of the coil will tend to collapse generating a back EMF in the coil windings.
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Plastics to Fuel conversion

2000 kg per day yielding 800 litres of 500ppm type diesel

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Up to 32 litres per day

Small and compact, Water from Air machines extract moisture/water from the atmosphere through a condensation process. The water then passes through a filtration process and UV sterilisation process that produces ultra pure, healthy, drinking water.