Our Journey

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa with partners serving Africa, Waste2Energy Global a highly experienced renewable energy team focused on providing affordable and sustainable solutions in Africa.

Our Mission (2007 - 2011)

‘Recruiting and investing in people, machinery and technology to build a passionate organisation that is focussed on building a sustainable green economy. Building a chain of empowered Africans based on recruiting potential leader who represent attributes such as self-motivation, self-discipline and self-awareness. Leveraging this into Energy, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship [4E’s] for Africa and its people. Building trust with these new empowered leaders through the process of giving our wider society a sustainable and renewable future’.

To the current Mission (2012)

‘Develop, procure, deliver and support clean energy enabling products and services. Support clean energy utilities [private and government] in delivering clean energy requirements through both technical supporting staff and innovative technological platforms and services. Grow access for people in Africa to Energy, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship [4E’s] through driven and targeted support programmes within the areas services by clean energy utilities.

Our Journey in detail

It started in 2007 with Waste Collection & Recycling that we could utilise the massive waste problem on the continent as a way of empowering and enriching the local population, converged into Waste to Energy (WtE) & Waste to Fuel (WtF) as a project developer, and now Energy for Africa as an enabler for other supporting solutions

Waste Collection & Recycling and conversion

Waste2Energy Global are a passionate group of people that are focused on building a sustainable green economy by educating, formalising the informal waste sector, managing and recycling waste streams at source, building strategic partnerships with waste generators, innovating in the new bio degradable and waste to energy technologies and converting all non-recyclables into some form of renewable energy.

The collection of waste and it conversion into energy was a way to employ a vast amount of people and then assist the power supply into those communities with reliable and affordable energy from which the potential growth and benefits would only be restricted by the imagination of the beneficiaries.

The goal is to be able to create employment and revenue for the participants, obtain relevant waste streams for our pyrolysis needs and lastly to ensure broad based community involvement and benefit throughout our projects and initiatives.


Our company has build many solid relationships in the retail, waste management, project management, operational management, educationalists, recycling and waste to energy converts.

Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality tender.

We have been awarded the largest Waste to Energy tender in South Africa to date servicing the needs of the Ekurhuleni Metropole which in effect is the industrial heartland of South Africa. This project is in the process of being signed off by the Minister of Energy, Mr Jeff Radebe.

This tender gives us access to numerous landfill sites up in Gauteng, very cheap land and a massive amount of industrial and business waste in the Ekurhuleni district and surrounds. We have been instructed to supply up to 35 MW with a potential ceiling of 100 MW of energy into the municipality.

Waste 2 Fuel using Pyrolysis

We have looked at the technology of pyrolysis and its application in South Africa to date in both W2E and W2F. It has been an unmitigated disaster financially mainly because of the huge capital burden and the lack of skills transfer.

Research & Development HUB

Waste2Energy Global with our partners Mall Invest & Mall Energy made a conscious decision to invest in a Research & Development HUB, which is starting to pay dividends with the 1st Modular 2000 tons per day modular unit in operation.

This is technology designed with our German Partners, in development and testing in South Africa to handle Africa conditions under beta test at one of our clients.

We have engaged with a number of top electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers who are all passionate about using their skills to assist in the development of technology that will radically assist in the management of waste and its conversion into energy and the by-products there-of.