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Water Treatment Solution (including Desalination)

Our technology solutions commence at the Feed Water intake (Post Pre-Filtration) point and ends at the Bulk Product Water Distribution Point.
  • Waste2Energy Global (W2E) focus’s on the Water Treatment process on a commercial scale with a specific focus on:
  • Large Industries: Mining, Oil & Gas and Food & Beverage;
  • Quasi-Government Organisations such as: Harbours and Ports;
  • Public Sector Infrastructure: Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Bulk Water Supply from Desalination facilities;
  • Emergency Relief: Mobile units that can provide immediate relief to communities of up to 5000 persons in remote disaster or emergency locations;

Water Treatment or Desalination Process

The process used is Reverse osmosis (RO) which provide a cost-effective water purification solution or desalination process.

Patented Technology

Our partners GrahamTek is the inventor of the global 16" Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. It therefore uses its own patented designs of the 16” RO vessels – this was historically seen as a disruptive technology and to a degree it is still seen as a disruptive technology today.

Standard Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Our standard “Off-the-Shelf” equipment of 1 ML/Day, 2ML/day, 5ML/day can be applied to seawater desalination, waste water and brackish water scenarios. These units can be deployed within 90 to 180 days from order confirmation date. GrahamTek usually deploy these units as a first phase deployment to a larger contract. The units are typically used as technology demonstrators and feasibility study units. The modular design allows these units to be included in the larger scale units during subsequent phases
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Large Scale Solutions

Large-scale commercial RO plants are in use to reclaim municipal wastewater. These include various 50,000 m3/day plants such as West Basin, California, the Kranji 40,000 m3/d in Singapore, and the 32,000 m3/d Bedok plant in Singapore, some of which have more than 10 years operational track record with this membrane technology. Larger plants have recently begun operation such as the 380,000 m3/d plant for Sulabaiya, Kuwait, or will soon begin operation (270,000 m3/d plant in Orange County, California, USA), and the 170,000 m3/d Ulu Pandan plant in Singapore. The magnitude of these RO-based reclamation plants demonstrates the acceptance that this technology has gained recently.