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Large Scale Pyrolysis Solutions

Targeted towards the Medium to Large Metro/Municipalities with waste streams from 400 tons per day upwards and offsets electricity around the 1MW/h per 1ton of usable waste per hour. The Plant size is very dependent on the amount of tonnage per day and is very scaleable, but recommended max size is 3000 Tons per day due to impact of vehicle
The solution is generally focussed around the C6 Advanced Recycling and Energy Conversion (AREC) solution

process used by the C6 AREC solution with four key patents is shown below
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The C6 AREC technology offers several advantages over competing waste to renewable energy technologies:
  • Multiple waste streams: The C6 technology is able to treat many types of waste, such as municipal solid waste, tires and contaminated oil, concurrently, and is more efficient than competing products:
    • The C6 equipment has a higher thermal efficiency (MW per ton of waste) and a lower energy usage (parasitic load) than competitive products, allowing more of the energy produced to be sold rather than used to run the plant. It provides more than twice the energy conversion efficiency of traditional "mass-burn" incineration, without the adverse side effects;
    • The C6 equipment also uses water very efficiently and in most cases returns clean water to the environment;
    Further Reduction in Emissions – the syngas is automatically scrubbed to make it "engine-ready", thereby eliminating the need to clean engine flue gases. The C6 Thermal Oxidizer (patent pending) processes the combined dryer, pyrolyser and engine exhaust to further reduce emissions and meet/exceed all global emissions standards;
    Automated Handling of Bio-Hazardous Waste – sterilization in the autoclaves destroys pathogens and microbial life, eliminating the health hazards associated with landfill and standard mechanical recycling facilities. Hazardous waste is processed in a fully automated, enclosed system, and MSW is treated without the need to open trash bags.
    Automated Recycling – the C6 system automatically sorts waste constituents and sorts out the recyclables. The recyclables are sterilized, deglazed and reduced in volume for easy handling. C6 enhanced recycling recovers close to 100 % of all metals, plastic, glass, etc., unlike source separation which typically recovers up to 1/3 of recyclables at best.
    No Odours: Unlike landfills and incinerators, C6 plants will not produce any noticeable odours due to their integrated design, with the only emission point being the smokeless exhaust stack.

Multiple Waste Streams

The C6 AREC Waste2energy solution manages all types of waste from:
  • Municipal Solid Waste, Industrial, Demolition, Commercial and landfill;
  • Treated or untreated sewerage, cesspit & animal manure;
  • Hazardous Hospital & veterinary waste;
  • Wood & garden refuse and Oil sludge;
This waste is converted to gas using a patented 'non burn' Pyrolytic (Gasification) process, creating Pyrolytic Oil which can then be converted to electricity or, using an additional process, Green-diesel

Competitive Advantages

  • Negative Carbon Footprint
  • Takes all types of waste
  • 97% conversion ratio as compared to 50% from competitors
  • Only 7 - 15%% of input material is not converted and output is sterile and can be used as road fill
  • Solution is modular & scalable
  • Electricity can be stored as Pyrolytic Oil
  • Municipal Sold Waste recycles metals, plastics & glass
  • 95% clean water extraction as compared to 50% from competitors
  • Green” power is generated through state of the art patented Pyrolyser (Gasification) “non burn technology”
  • Very high waste to energy yield and return on investment
  • Premium Quality Syngas
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Only 7% - 15% of sterile waste is left over and can be used for road filler