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Distillation Solution

Distillation Biorefinery Systems include patented and proprietary technologies that produce alcohol fuel on a scale that fits with the available feedstocks, cleans up the environment, saves time, reduces energy costs, and is convenient to operate.

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Biorefinery Features

  • Appropriate Scale: Alcohol fuel production capacities ranging from 250,000 to 10 million gallons per year
  • Modular equipment: Customized to match available feedstocks
  • Feedstock flexibility: Converts diverse sources of carbohydrates into alcohol and co-products
  • Advanced industrial controls: Remote diagnostics and support
  • Innovative and differentiated: Proprietary technology for optimal performance

Our Dilstillation’s Biorefinery Systems produce high-grade alcohol end products using less energy than traditional distillation systems. On the front end, our advanced carbohydrate conversion and fermentation technologies significantly reduce bioprocessing time. The Distillation Biorefineries afford feedstock flexibility, allowing for the fermentation and efficient distillation of a wide range of plant and food waste materials. Industry standard control software simplifies operations, while remote diagnostics ensure outside support when it is needed.

Feedstocks for Biorefinery

  • Municipalities or Farm Dams - Cattails - Cattails grow wild in nutrient enhanced waterways
  • Landfill Operators with the ability to segregate the carbohydrate-rich components
  • Food Processing companies like bakeries & beverage that produce waste carbohydrates (sugars and starch)
  • Agriculture(farms) that produce starch rich products like potatoes & wheat

For an detailed view of the distillation mind map below select this link
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